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Lotus Love Healing Jewelry Properties

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Here is a helpful Index of Gemstones and Crystals intuitively used in our Reiki Infused Jewelry. I hope that you find this helpful in your journey.

Healing Crystals Properties

Amethyst Gemstone

Amethyst relieves physical, emotional and psychological pain or stress. It aids in healing, calming, protecting and allowing spiritual expansion. Amethyst is attuned to the Third Eye and Crown Chakra. It is linked to the astrological signs Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Amethyst is connected to the element of wind. It's used as a natural calming and soothing gemstone. It is thought to be a powerful protection stone creating a bubble around the carrier, warding off psychic attacks and negative energy. It allows us to connect to our personal power with grace from a place of strength and peace.

Amazonite Morganite (Multi-Colored)

Multi-colored Amazonite Morganite is a beautiful blend of colors that support the heart, throat and sacral chakra. Amazonite, the antianxiety stone of the gem world, is a blue green diamond with unimaginable velvety and dim components. The stone has various tones of green and blue that speak to a solid connection to the Amazon waterway. It is associated with the components of earth and water and linked to the astrological sign of Virgo.

Blue Agate

Blue Agate is also a chalcedony that belongs to the quartz family of minerals. this shade of blue is considered a celestial crystal, linked to the sacred skies. The vibration of this stone is also one of tranquility, grace and peace. It is a comforting and nurturing crystal. This gemstone is attuned to the throat chakra and linked to the astrological signs of Gemini and Pisces. It supports and enhances all forms of communication, including celestial beings from other realms.

Blue Chalcedony Gemstone

Is a protective power gemstone associated with the throat chakra and known to support one in improving communication and relationships. It relieves anxiety and promotes better speech. It is also known as a “stone of hope”. It is linked to the astrological signs of Gemini, cancer, Sagittarius and Capricorn.

Brazilian Kunzite Gemstone

Kunzite represents universal love and is truly beautiful and lovely. It is attuned to the Heart Chakra and linked to Scorpio, Leo and Taurus. It is connected to the element of water. It also opens up communication with its light violet colors connecting to the crown chakra. It is useful in mood-lifting with the power to remove negativity and to strengthen the energy field around the body.

Icy Blue Ocean Jasper Gemstone

Ocean Jasper is a beautiful stone found at the bottom of cliffs near the ocean water. Its colors reflects the colors of the oceans and invites one to flow like its waters. Their energy stimulates the heart chakra, to encourage feelings of joy, happiness and elevated spirits. These crystals aid you to communicate more positively and allow loving feelings to be expressed in what you say. Within the solar plexus chakra they help to enhance your personal power and gain greater understanding of your own. feelings. It is linked to the astrological sign of Capricorn.

Lavender Quartz

Lavender Quartz is a gemstone attuned to the Heart and Solar plex Chakras linked to the astrological signs of Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. It is connected to the element of water and wind. It is connected to all aspects of love- self-love, community love, global romantic and friendship of love. It activates joy and is said to alleviate low self-esteem, depression and anxiety. It is a stabilizing and strengthening stone for the physical heart as well as the brain. It teaches us to “work, bless and protect” for the betterment of all.

Madagascar Rose Quartz Gemstone

This beautiful gem comes from Madagascar's Antananarivo Province. It helps us open and heal our hearts, releasing old emotional wounds. It helps us have unconditional love for OURSELVES, as well as others.