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SEASONAL: (Spring/Summers-Please contact me prior to booking:

Book your Crown Ceremony this Spring! This Healing ceremony allows us to embody our most divine and beautiful spirits through the medicine of flowers. Creating these crowns supports us in realigns our chakras and also allows us to reconnect with the delicacy that comes with inner spiritual and emotional work. The ceremony includes reiki charged flowers and herbs, in addition to a meditation reiki healing circle. Through this creative exercise, we are able to recreate our image while weaving in the love and attention we need for ourselves and the better good of all beings that surround us. This ceremony is idea for 5 people for the total price below but can be done in larger groups for a total of 2-3 hours. Please feel free to contact me for a greater capacity. All materials are included. It is most beautifully shared in nature outdoors but can also take place in doors or at events. 

Reclaiming Our Coronas Ceremony (Seasonal)

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