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Mini Self-Love Energy Cleanse Bath (3 oz)

This Reiki charged energy cleanse bath is made for the intention to bring in unconditional love, cleanse your aura, balance your energy and bring inner peace. It is attuned to the crown and heart chakra. This beautiful bath salt cleanses the body, mind and soul and fills the heart with ease. The self-love act of submerging your body in warm water filled with natural minerals and herbs blended together, detoxifies the body, mind and spirit This mini self-love glass jar is perfect to use for 1-2 baths or can be used to soak your feet and allow cleansing through your roots. You may want to use 1 cup for a warm bath and 1/2 a cup to soak your feet, which allows the detoxification to happen from your roots. Allow yourself to soak for atleast 20 minutes.


All-Natural Dead Sea Salt

Organic Lavender imported from Humacao, Puerto Rico

 Organic Botanical Chamomile

 Organic Rose Gallica

(Flor De Lavanda importado de Humacao, Puerto Rico)

100% Natural, No Additives, No Chemicals,No Preservatives


Top Benefits of Herbal Bath Salts
-Stress Relieving
-Skin Soothing
-Supports Healing
-Eases Sore Muscles
-Energy and Chakra Balancing 

Replenishes the body with essential properties for the skin and body balance!

Mini Energy Cleanse Bath (3 oz)

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